Looking Back!

Looking Back!

Dennis Devlin, Secretary
June 1, 2015


As we move into the waning days of the 2014-2015 school year this seems to be a good point to look back on the past several months and ahead to the next year.

As education is about students, that is a good place to start. As usual, our students performed well on the state standardized tests and the ACT, generally equaling or surpassing expectations based on previous years. Over 96% of the high school seniors are graduating on time; 94% of them currently plan to continue their educational endeavors next fall or serve in the military. Both are among the highest numbers in the state and speak well not only of the high school but of our entire K-12 system that got them to where they are now. The teachers, administrators, and support staffs charged with educating our students at Spring Lake again did an exceptional job and it was possible to reward their efforts with small salary increases over the next three years. While the raises were not as large as they deserve, it was a step in the right direction considering that the district will probably be able to end the year with a balanced budget and, depending on state financing, probably for the next few years as well.

The Spring Lake community voted a bond issue that will, over the next two years, modernize our buildings and provide needed new equipment from better and more fuel efficient busses to state-of-the-art technology for students and teachers to allow Spring Lake to remain one of the top performing districts in the state. You may have noticed that work has already begun on Jeffers, Holmes, and the athletic facilities, and will soon begin on the other buildings.

The community’s support of the Shindig in April raised over $100,000 to further enhance, modernize and equip our science facilities. A further improvement to the general curriculum will begin in the Fall with the introduction of the new International Baccalaureate program.

All in all, the events of the past year not only indicate the continued academic excellence of our school district, but bode well for its future; all made possible by the quality of our students, the support of our parents and community for providing them a superior educational experience, the dedication and tireless efforts of our great teachers, and the skill of our administrative and support staffs.

Hope everyone has a pleasant, fun and relaxing summer in one of the best places to live.