Drill Schedule

SLHS Emergency Drill Schedule for 2016-17

  Fire Severe Weather Lockdown / Shelter in Place** AED/Cardiac Emergency Response
September 14th 22nd    
October 13th & 26th   week of 10/3  
December       7th
January     week of 1/23  
February     week of 1/30  
March 21st 14th    
April 28th      


Fire Drill 9-10-14.pdf63.59 KB
Fire Drill 10-15-14.pdf63.9 KB
Fire Drill 10-29-14.pdf94.26 KB
Fire Drill 9-17-15.pdf61.05 KB
Fire Drill 10-15-15.pdf58.49 KB
Fire Drill 10-28-15.pdf59.55 KB
Fire Drill 3-23-16.pdf61.33 KB
Fire Drill 4-21-16.pdf59.37 KB
Fire Drill 9-14-16.pdf61.55 KB
Fire Drill 10-13-16.pdf60.9 KB
Fire Drill 10-27-16.pdf58.96 KB
Fire Drill 4-28-17.pdf61.65 KB
Lock Down Drill 9-23-14.pdf60.4 KB
Lock Down Drill 12-5-14.pdf60.18 KB
Lock Down Drill 3-19-15.pdf121.1 KB
Lock Down Drill 10-05-15.pdf63.93 KB
Lock Down Drill 12-9-15.pdf61.21 KB
Lock Down Drill 2-22-16.pdf59.21 KB
Lock Down Drill 10-4-16.pdf58.55 KB
Lock Down Drill 1-24-17.pdf62.24 KB
Lock Down Drill 2-1-17.pdf61.71 KB
Severe Weather Drill 9-18-14.pdf61.87 KB
Severe Weather Drill 3-18-15.pdf121.1 KB
Severe Weather Drill 9-24-15.pdf57.77 KB
Severe Weather Drill 3-16-16.pdf59.55 KB
Severe Weather Drill 9-22-16.pdf60.24 KB
Severe Weather Drill 3-14-17.pdf59.3 KB
AED Cardiac Arrest Response 12-8-15.pdf60.46 KB
AED Cardiac Arrest Response 12-8-16.pdf59.99 KB