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What are your hours of operation?

Before & After School Care
AM Hours 6:30am-8:45am
PM Hours 3:30pm-6pm
1/2 Day Conferences 12:00pm-6pm
In-Service Full Day 6:30am-6pm
Delayed Start 6:30am until the start of school
Snow Days 6:30am-6pm. Please call in advance for verification. We reserve the right to cancel or change the hours depending on overall attendance

* SL Community Child Care may be open on some holiday breaks depending on attendance

Summer Program 
Daily Hours 6:30am-6pm Monday-Friday

*Community Child Care will be closed for the Fourth of July holiday

*CCC is closed the last full week in August for annual deep cleaning before the start of school

Lunch: A sack lunch from home is needed each day.

Snacks: Are provided daily by Community Child Care in the morning and afternoon daily

School year daily routine: A typical daily routine consist of self-directed play, teacher instructed activities, outdoor play (weather permitting) and large/small group activities. Times for these actviites vary daily.

Summer daily routine: A typical daily routine consit of self-directed play, teacher instructed activities, outdoor play in both the AM and PM, a program provided snack in both the AM and PM, large/small group activities, weekly field trips and a sack lunch from home.

What is your admissions policy?

Prior to enrolling, your child’s account must be up to date with no outstanding balance.

All state required forms listed below must be completed in full, signed and received by the Director before the child is able to attend:

  • Contract and Registration Fee

  • State Information Card

  • Release Form

Upon enrollment, parents will commit their child(ren) to a regular weekly schedule and your tuition is based according to that schedule. No credits will be issued regarless of the reason.

Enrollment forms may be mailed to:
Spring Lake Community Child Care
345 Hammond St.
Spring Lake, MI 49456
Or you may email them to Melissa George, Director at

How do I withdraw my children from the program?

Parents must notify the Director two weeks in advance before withdrawing from the program. Our program bills in advance and you will be responsible to bring the account up to date upon withdrawal whether or not the child attends.

How important is attendance?

The staff at CCC take attendance very seriously. It is crucial that a parent notify the Director or staff on hand if a child is going to be absent. A phone call from you makes for a much smoother transition and it saves our staff time, energy and worry during this hectic time. If no one is available to take your call please leave a message or send us an email. Be advised that if your child is absent without notification, staff members will need to contact you or the school to determine the child’s status.

Contact Information: 616.846.3180

What are your tuition rates?

Registration Fee - $35 per family each year

Before & After School Tuition

Daily Rate

$8 (am or pm hours)
$15 (both am or pm hours)

1/2 Day


Full Day

$27.50 (In-Service, Records Day)

Delayed Start

$5 additional fee for extra time

Snow Day

$27.50 per day/per child

*The program closes at 6pm daily. There is a $1 per minute charge per child for every minute you pick up your child after closing time. This amount is payable directly to the staff on duty at the time of pick up.

Summer Tuition
Daily Rate $27.50 per day/per child

All Community Child Care programs operate on an advanced payment schedule. Invoices will be available every other Friday and are due the following Friday.

In order to maintain the current rates, credit will not be issued for any deviation from your child’s contractual schedule, regardless of the reason. This includes vacation time, sick time, etc. 

When are payments due?

All Community Child Care payments are due the following Friday after you receive them. Please check your invoice regarding the due date. Late payments are subject to a $25 late fee. Please make checks payable to SLPS-CCC.

What is your billing cycle?

Community Child Care bills 2 weeks in advance and is based on your contract. Half days and full days during the school year are billed based on sign-up. Due to staffing requiremants, once you have signed up you will not be credited regardless of the reason.
Community Child Care does not offer credits due to illness, vacation time, after school activities, etc. If you have any questions regarding your bill or contract, please contact Melissa George, Director at 616.846.3180.

Are there any additional program fees? Yes

Late Fee: A late fee of $25 will be applied if your invoice is not paid in full by the due date.

Non-Sufficient Fund Checks: There is a $30 service charge on all returned checks.

Year-End Statements: A year-end statement for expenses for the previous year will be provided in January at no cost. Additional statements will be available for a fee of $5 per statement.

Flex Receipts: If you are using a flex account, please save all of your statements. If you request a statement for a flex account, there will be a charge of $5 per request. (Account information may not be given out over the phone.)

Who provides breakfast, snack and/or lunches?

Before/After School Program

Breakfast: Spring Lake Public Schools Food Service Department provides breakfast for students at a small cost. If you wish for your child to take part in breakfast, please see a staff member so we can get your child Signed up. Breakfast is not served during summer, snow days or in-service days.
Snacks: Community Child Care provides each student with one snack after they arrive from school. Our snacks consist of granola bars, animal crackers, pretzels, popcorn, a variety of crackers, Jell-O, yogurt, etc. Students are also provided one juice box or one bottle of water with each snack.
Lunch: Half days and extended full days, a sack lunch is needed from home

Summer Program

Lunch: A sack lunch is needed from home. An insolated lunch box is recommended to help keep items cool. Staff does not have access to a microwave, so please do not send anything that needs to be warmed up. Please remember silverware and a drink!
Snacks: Community Child Care provides each student one snack after they arrive from school. Our snacks consist of granola bars, animal crackers, pretzels, popcorn, a variety of crackers, Jell-O, yogurt, etc. Students are also provided one juice box or one bottle of water with each snack.

Please contact Melissa George, Director at 616.846.3180 or with any questions.