Bus Passes

NEW FOR 2012 / 2013

Bus Passes

Due to increased ridership on our buses, we find that we may no longer provide bus passes.


Transportation Staff

Phone: 616-846-5507
Marian Karell,  Director of Transportation,

Transportation Responsibilities

Riding a school bus is a privilege and convenience for students and their parents; as such, everyone accepts certain responsibilities to ensure student safety while utilizing this service. Students and parents are advised that the Spring Lake Public Schools student code of conduct will be enforced relevant to student behavior on the school bus.

Bus Rules

This bus is for getting you safely to school,
so stay in your seats and obey every rule.
No hands out the windows, no junk on the floor,
No rushing or shoving to get out the door.
In front of the bus is the right way to cross,

Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Are bus stops the same every year?
No. While stops are fairly consistent from year to year, changes may be made based on student enrollment.


Welcome to Spring Lake Schools Transportation.

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